A little about Yolanda part 1

Yolanda is this girl that I adore!!. She has crazy talent for the arts, her imagination is somewhat wild which fits with her personality. She is a rebel, very much like that stereotypical cool/punk girl you see in those 80’s movies, you know the one with the bad ass boyfriend. You can she the potential she holds. Gorgeous, to the point where she even knows it , and most of the time uses it to her advantage, Sometimes by the way she looks you forget what her true age is.But even if she has a calm and somewhat intimidating appearance she can be incredibly dorky, shy, and extremely self conscious. Not many people get to see this side of her because she hides it. At the moment what she cares most is what boy will she be getting next or what will she be wearing the next day. To be honest its cute, because every girl went through this at a point in her life, but I just wonder and worry if she will grow out of it or will she get caught in the  vicious cycle of MTV moms. ……..

To be continued…


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