Understanding a little of cluet

For me life rarely makes sense but at times things seem to make sense. Although I usually find myself trying to understand everything that goes around me from the largest ideas to the smallest of objects, including the people. I can explain up to so much about myself yet i give no one the chance to understand me. I do believe love is real, especially love at first sight. It exist, trust me!, but in contrast I believe being “in love” is a societal fallacy, an illusion, something that will take trial and error. (Too much effort). I thrive for adventure and hate to be bored, yet I’m easily satisfied and tend to be lazy. I frequently enjoy having unstructured change, yet I like to have fixed constants in my life. I am amused by words and stringing them together to see what I can create. Though they are often taken advantage of, misused and mainly useless. Still I find words speak louder than actions ever could. Friends are worth fighting for and laughter  and tons of it , and mimosas can cure it all. I guess you could say I’m hypocrisy at its best.


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