The light in their eyes

I love love when someone talks about their passion, whether it be for art, movies, literature, nature,computers, music, politics. I truly envy those kinds of people, their ability to love something with their entire entity. To put their time, and full attention to it. Especially when they speak of it and they have that certain smile that rubs off on you and  you can’t help but smile along with them as they tell you about itTheir eyes light up to the point where you keep feeding to the conversation , just so you can continue hearing about it. It’s somewhat hypnotic.


A story with no moral, just understanding

I want an ideal world where there is no pain, and no sadness,ordered the king…

But we need pain, Mr. king. I treasure the pain I have felt. I love it, I told him….

Why!? said the king,

I know you have so much, but at the same time you have nothing at all.

I know you’re not happy.

I know you don’t like pain.

I know you resorted to what many people do, and bought your happiness from a merchant, but that’s all FAKE. If there was no pain or sadness in the world, I would have never known what real happiness is. Yes, pain drives us mad, completely BONKERS!.

Mad!? I will ban madness! yelled the king as he stood with FEAR.

But king, those for me are the best kind of people.Those people have felt so much pain that they don’t give a shit about anything, and enjoy the smallest of  things to bring themselves joy.The LUST of joy is what everyone wants,so don’t be a fool king. you cannot achieve happiness without the pain.


And so I decided to share my world.

I have been asked various of times to share my world, by that I mean my thoughts, things I see, my ideals, adventures I take, ect.  I always found it silly,but Humphry somewhat seemed interested on how I see things and so have others . So I decided to share my world. Obviously I will stay anon and the names that I will present will all be changed to protect the privacy of the people I have met along my long life journeys.

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