If only….

Have you ever had that certain connection where you seem to feel like they might just have come to understand your ideals, norms, the objects, and people that surround you. BUT just when the image he/ she had of you goes askew everything seems to harshly or even sometimes end…??.. I have come to the conclusion that those sorts of events seem to be what one young lady may call, life changing. There are more important things out there and all one can seem to worry about is about one self, ..I say selfish. Yet you can’t seem to help that gut feeling. At that moment , well for me, it wasn’t that much of an impact, or so I thought. You start to realize, that what you thought was just another coming and going of life. Actually had a bigger impact in you! You see people much differently but it’s not because that person was just another goodbye, but you had actually showed him/her a piece of your world. Yet the moment they left it made you realize or rather feel how something so important to you as your world can be easily taken for granted.